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Create your own configurator

1. Enabling the configurator

Go to the product page

Find the configurator tab at the bottom

Enabling the configurator

2. Configurator window

Choose Add Option

Configurator window

3. Model modification type

Choose how you want to modify the model

Model modification type

4. Choose element

For the Geometric, Texture or Material options, select the object to be modified

Choose element

5. Determining the appearance of the change

Choose the color of the previously selected element

Optionally, you can rename the option

Determining the appearance of the change

6. Add user metadata

By clicking on the tag icon next to the color option, you can add your own metadata to it, such as the product SKU.

In this way, you can easily integrate the configurator with your own store. To find out more see an example

Add user metadata

7. Give the section a name

Enter the title of the change that the user will see. the content should indicate what will be changed, e.g. Color od the bed

Give the section a name

8. Customize the options view

You can modify the appearance of the option by selecting the size, color and shape of the option box

Customize the options view

9. Check the effect of the change

Now you can check how the change affects the model when selected

Check the effect of the change

10. Publication part 1

Press the Publish button and then Begin

Publication part 1

11. Publication part 2

Wait for the model generation

Publication part 2

12. Publication part 3

Copy the received code and paste it as html on your website.

 Publication part 3