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The layers

Manual screen

Make sure the model structure is correct and does not contain unnecessary layers.

Limit the number of model layers by dividing individual parts due to assigned textures.

Remember that each layer has a different name.

Avoid sublayers.

Manual screen


Manual screenManual screenManual screen

Combine the objects so there are no single loose surfaces.

Check the orientation.

Check scale and units.

Join edges / points.

Purge the model with:

  • Remove duplicates
  • Remove points
  • Remove bad objects
  • Delete curves
  • Delete text, annotations and dimensions
  • Remove minor elements
  • Delete groups
  • Remove hidden objects
  • Given modifications and transformations should be physically rebuilt in the model.

Keep correct geometry construction.

Check the direction of the Normal.

Manual screenManual screenManual screen


Manual screenManual screenManual screenManual screen

Make sure the model is properly mapped.

Make sure all textures display properly.

Remember to use good quality textures, but we recommend using textures not exceeding 2k resolution.

Establish material mapping channels.

Prepare and save the UVMap.

Manual screenManual screenManual screenManual screen


Save .3dm file and send it to See My Model platform.